TFBB Did You Know?


Emotional regulation is not common knowledge yet and it is a reasonably new concept in parenting. We have done things naturally (often when following our instincts) but there is a big calling for people to understand and implement these new ways of parenting.

Research backs it up, now it is time to learn these new paradigms and ways. It’s not easy! Changing age old parenting styles is extremely tough and there is always a period of feeling out of control and out of depth before the new habits and ways of doing things become natural.

Change is hard. We are going against everything we have been taught. Challenging how we have been raised while still appreciating the gifts our parents gave us (good and challenging).

We no longer need punishment and control to curb behaviour in kids. We know now that you won’t spoil a child with too much attention or turn them ‘soft’. We now know children are trying to get emotional needs met when they seek attention and act out. Punishing this creates sha
me and low self confidence. Consistent punishment and a lack of emotional regulation and positive attachment relationships (connections to parents or primary care givers) can create mental health issues later on (amongst other things).

Be brave, learn something new and create these positive changes! TFBB aims to help you and guide you gently through it ? xx much love xx