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WhatsApp Counselling Sessions:
WhatsApp Session: 60 minutes (1 hr).
WhatsApp Session: 15 minutes (15 min.)
WhatsApp Session: 30 minutes (30 min.)

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Psychotherapy: Single/Once off session
Burn-Out Support and Debriefing :
Burn-Out Repair Session.

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Situation Debriefing Session.
Emotion Resource Activity Workbook:
Emotions Resource Workbook

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All sessions are done via phone sessions on the free communication app ‘Whatsapp’ and can be downloaded in all app stores. Whatsapp uses internet data rather than air time and can be utilised from most places in the world where you have access to Wifi or internet data.
One on One Whatsapp support with Paula

Depending on the package you have chosen, Paula will provided hourly individual sessions with you via Whatsapp. The times for these sessions will be set up in the Intake interview. Paula will work with you to achieve your parenting goals in these sessions. Paula will also provide emotional support and encouragement and answer any questions you may have.

Support in between phone sessions with Paula

During the support period, Paula will be available via email to answer brief questions and clarify information that may have been misunderstood in the Whatsapp sessions. Paula understands that a lot of this information is new and overwhelming and she would like to make it as easy as possible for you to make these changes and implement the new strategies being provided to you. Once you get it though, you’ll be just fine! We all struggle a bit in the beginning when learning a new technique.

Paula will provide follow up message support via Whatsapp in between phone sessions. The follow up support between sessions will be set up on an individual basis and worked out collaboratively with each family based on need. Follow up support may require voice notes or video’s to be exchanged, depending on the presenting issue

These emails will be limited to the support goals that have been set and Paula will not answer general questions outside of the agreed upon support being provided.

All sessions are done via phone sessions on the free communication app ‘Whatsapp’ and can be downloaded in all app stores. Whatsapp uses internet data rather than air time and can be utilised from most places in the world where you have access to Wifi or internet data.
TFBB Individual Psychotherapeutic Support can help you with:
  • Learning how to have healthy relationships with all your emotions – self regulation
  • Mild to moderate Anxiety and Depression
  • Working through childhood trauma – Inner Child Work
  • Your journey to finding self-love and acceptance
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life
  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Struggles coping with change and transitions
  • Working through confusing reactions and dynamics in relationships
  • Coping with stress and overwhelm
  • Struggles coping as a parent
  • Support with increasing your self-esteem and confidence
  • Coping with the aftermath of family violence and abuse (brief intervention, not long term support)
Individual Psychotherapeutic Counselling:

Paula is able to provide counselling/psychotherapy to individuals in a range of areas. Paula utilises a range of therapeutic frameworks but will work predominantly with the emotional system and how this relates to your cognitive (mind) and behavioural systems. Paula incorporates your history and upbringing into the therapy work and takes a holistic approach to therapy. TFBB as a whole does not believe that a problems lies in isolation to your whole being and environment and incorporating all the parts of you are important when doing healing work.

TFBB does not like to work with ‘Bandaid Solutions’ and likes to get to the heart of the matter and create long lasting healing effects. Paula will work with you to discover your core emotions and experiences and gain control back in your life.

**Paula has chosen not to work with severe/tertiary mental health issues and diagnoses but will work with mild/moderate disorders and presentations. Paula does not work with Personality Disorders, eating disorders, significant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D), neurological disorders or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D). These illnesses require most specific, clinical support. Paula can, however, work in conjunction with other Mental Health practitioners if there is a treatment plan in place and further ongoing support is needed. This will need to be discussed with Paula on an individual basis.

What to expect from TFBB individual counselling:

Please note: All sessions are conducted through Whatsapp via phone sessions. Follow up communication is done via email or Whatsapp messaging

After a brief discussion around what support you are looking for, Paula will work with you to come up with some treatment goals and you will be able to see if this is the correct service for you. This will also give you a chance to weigh up whether Paula’s style is suited to you (choosing the right therapist is important).

Paula will then assess your situation using her own assessment measures alongside some diagnostic screenings if necessary. This will enable you both to see where you are at and what steps need to be in place to achieve your short term treatment/support goals.

Once both you and Paula have a clear idea as to what you would like to get out of therapy, the work will begin. It is important to note that there are no magic pills and quick fixes. Paula is not the expert on your life and does not hold the cure so to speak. The work to be done may be challenging and take a bit of time. It continues in between sessions as you will be processing new insights and managing the emotions that come up for you. Some of this feels great! It is liberating to feel shifts and to see things in a new light. At other times it can feel almost worse for a while as your trauma is coming to the surface to be released.

Once released though, it is gone! You have processed it and it no longer has any power over you. That is why Paula works with core issues and seeks to help you to find your core emotions within your trauma and problems. It is powerful and life changing. The goal is to start you off on your healing journey and for you to develop the skills and courage to continue to do this for yourself. We all have the capacity to heal and most of us are able to do this without external support if we have the right tools. We do, however, often need a little helping hand to break through the barriers and learn HOW to heal. Once we get going though, it becomes easier and easier to work through tough times. We learn how to regulate our own emotions and gain a sense of control and inner peace. There will always be challenges and tough times but we learn how to move through them and conquer our fears. TFBB is all about building a healthy relationship with ourselves and all our emotions.

Single sessions

Sessions are conducted through Whatsapp via phone sessions. Follow up communication is done via email or Whatsapp messaging.

Paula will work with you for up to 120 minutes and the work will be very targeted and aimed at empowering you to continue on your healing journey without continued support.

Paula will help you to identify areas that need attention and work and will guide you into how you can go about healing these areas. Paula will provide emotional support and explore options with you collaboratively.

Should further ongoing support be required or alternative treatment, Paula will make these recommendations to you. Paula will also suggest strategies specific to you and highlight the areas of strength she has identified in you.

All sessions are done via phone sessions on the free communication app ‘Whatsapp’ and can be downloaded in all app stores. Whatsapp uses internet data rather than air time and can be utilised from most places in the world where you have access to Wifi or internet data.
TFBB Intuitive/empathic Counselling support includes help with:
  • Finding a sense of belonging
  • Getting on track to discovering your life purpose
  • Coping with symptoms of an awakening and coming into consciousness
  • Managing being ‘sensitive’ and ‘emotional’
  • Support for Empath’s and highly sensitive people (HSP’s)
  • Support with developing your own practice of spirituality
  • Managing your gifts and how to harness your personal power.
  • Moving towards ‘Conscious Parenting’
  • How to work through your shadows and release repressed trauma (Paula will help you work out a way and set a pace that is suited to you individually)
TFBB Single Session Intuitive/empathic Counselling for Individuals:

Sessions are conducted through Whatsapp via phone sessions. Follow up communication is done via email or Whatsapp messaging

Intuitive/empathic counselling is an additional form of counselling being offered to conscious and spiritual people looking for a practitioner that understands the importance of their spirituality and includes this in the therapeutic work.

All services have the option of being conscious and Paula welcomes open communication about your spiritual beliefs.

This form of counselling being offered is a single session that goes for up to 2 hours and works on areas of spiritual growth such as managing high empathy, sensitivities and gifts and the symptoms of an Awakening. This counselling is also on offer to people who feel different and like they don’t have a sense of belonging and don’t fit in with other people around them. Paula is open to talking about all beliefs, none are too ‘out there’ or ‘weird’. So bring your spirit guides, totems, ET’s and psychic powers into the space and gain some non-judgemental support from a qualified psychotherapist who ‘gets it!’

**Paula considers herself to be an empath and has always had a very high level of empathy. Paula uses this empathy in all the work she does with families and individuals and people are often commenting on how she seems to know just what to say or do, particularly with children. Paula has developed a strong sense of intuition and successfully uses her own emotional guidance system in her work with people at all times. Paula has and continues to develop her own spirituality in a number of ways. TFBB is all about ‘Bringing Emotions Back’ and this means building healthy relationships to all our emotions and inherently the self. This is what Paula believes spirituality to be at its essence and core – self-love, inner peace and acceptance of self and all other beings (we are all one, there is no separation fundamentally). The rest of what makes up your spirituality is entirely up to you – isn’t that a beautiful thing!

Paula aims to combine her academic and professional training and experience with her spiritual and metaphysical/spiritual development and experience to assist you with being conscious and awake in this world.

You are able to purchase as many sessions as you require and Paula will keep records of the work that has been done so that you will not have to ’start again’ each time.

The TFBB Frameworks and influential foundational theories for therapeutic service:

Paula Taylor is a fully qualified Psychotherapist (Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology, Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy) who has been working with families for around 5 years. Paula has focussed primarily on parenting in her roles and has completed extensive professional development training in a number of areas.

Paula has a Person-Centred therapy framework fundamentally which works with Carl Rogers’ core beliefs of ‘empathy, unconditional positive regard and a non-judgemental approach’ in therapy. This framework works with the belief that all people are fundamentally striving towards the best version of themselves and are inherently good at their core. No situation is hopeless and all people have the capacity to make positive changes in their lives with the right support and tools. Paula strives to create a plan that is individual to each family and child rather than taking a manualised ‘one size fits all’ approach. Paula agrees with the belief that in order to help people, trust and a strong therapeutic relationship needs to be established. People do best when they feel accepted and able to be vulnerable and open without judgement.

Paula also works from a Process Experiential Emotion-Focussed Therapy (PEEFT) framework. The original theorist behind this therapeutic framework is Leslie Greenberg. Many of the foundational beliefs of TFBB are derived and adapted from PEEFT. Paula works closely with the emotional system and uses this as her primary focus in case conceptualisation. In other words, the work Paula does will have a central focus around the feelings behind the behaviour and how people can gain control in their lives through understanding, processing and regulating/managing their emotions. TFBB believes that building healthy relationships with ALL emotions is vital to create a sense of well-being and positive mental health in both adults and children.

Paula also works from a Narrative Therapy and theoretical framework at times. This approach was founded by Michael White. Paula agrees with the theory that looks at us all having a world view and this world view is constantly changing and adapting as we are continuously being influenced by other people and the world around us. Paula believes that the way we see the world is often influenced by our own emotional experiences and perceptions. We therefore have the power to change our world view and reactions to difficult times by working on our own perceptions and emotional well-being. We always have choice, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Paula utilises strategies from ‘Positive Parenting’ and ‘Mindful Parenting’

Paula has a keen interest in Psychodynamic theories and believes that much can be gained from looking at our past history and family of origin, how we were raised and parented and our past childhood trauma.

Paula works from a Family Systems therapy framework whereby the family as a whole is seen as a part of both the problem and the solution. Every member of the family is important and influential and in order to help one member, the whole family will ideally be involved and take ownership in the issues and the solutions. Like all systems, one part of the system will always influence all the other parts. TFBB does not believe that one individual is ever the sole cause of the problem/s.

Paula uses Attachment Theory as a basis for her work. Attachment was a concept developed by John Bowlby and looks at the parent child relationship and how this impacts healthy development. TFBB aims to assist parents to create healthy attachment bonds between parent/s and child and sees emotional regulation as an important part of achieving this.

Paula has diverse training in a number of therapeutic frameworks and is eclectic in her approach and thus flexible and able to cater for a number of therapeutic needs. Despite working primarily with emotions, Paula will also utilise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies, Behavioural strategies and other therapeutic strategies if this is required.

*It is important to note that Paula does not make formal diagnoses or provide clinical treatment for serious mental health issues or developmental disorders. Paula will complete an initial assessment before commencing support and should further or alternative support be required, Paula will make the appropriate recommendations and discuss this openly with you. Paula can, however, work alongside other professionals and can help individuals/families implement strategies and treatment plans in their parenting or therapeutic support. Paula will not be able to assist you or your child/family if there is a refusal to gain the appropriate support required after the initial assessment has been made. Paula understands that there are barriers that may prevent individuals/families from seeking additional professional support and these will be discussed with each individual/family before any decision regarding further TFBB support will be made.

Parenting Support: Bronze
Parenting Support: Silver
Parenting Support: Gold
Parenting Support: Booster
Single/once off sessions

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Additional Assessment report
Psychotherapy: Single

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Psychotherapy: Single/Once off session
Intuitive/Empathic: Single

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Intuitive/Empathic: Single/Once off session
Emotions Resource Workbook

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