Paula was the helping hand I needed while I was going through a difficult stage with my 3 year old son. Situations that were normally highly stressful for him and I were made so much easier and stress free with Paula’s advice. Can’t thank her enough for helping our family in our time of need.
Carla Mountain
Mother of two gorgeous boys

It is with pleasure that I share this recommendation with you from Helen Rimington. Helen has over 20 years’ experience facilitating and developing parenting groups and seminars. Helen has worked with Deakin University in Melbourne to develop many of the evidence based groups and seminars used at Drummond Street Services. Helen also supervises the HOPE program (Hands on Parenting Education) that I was running in Melbourne and is working on creating the manual for this programme (of which I have had input).

Paula is a naturally gifted presenter and can communicate  in a range of styles to suit all audiences. She also facilitates groups particularly well and always connects with participants. She has a bright sense of humour and a sound understanding of how to help children manage the ups and downs of life in accessible ways. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Helen Rimington
Manager, Parenting and Prevention of Violence Programs
Co-ordinator of Groups and Seminars at drummond street services

Mariska Van Vilsteren is a fully qualified psychologist working with vulnerable families in the Melbourne community. As a professional and as a mother herself, Mariska highly values the importance of emotional regulation in early childhood.

I have worked with Paula in a community setting with very challenging and often traumatised children and families. I am very impressed with the knowledge and skills she has when it comes to strengthening their emotion regulation and calming their brain. Another strength she has is the way of engaging with her clients and making them feel heard, all of which is crucial in making significant changes.
Family Counsellor/Psychologist